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Renea A.

Lost 30lbs and 22 inches in 2 months!

I was concerned about enrolling in the Metabolic Rescue Program™ because I had tried so many diets that didn’t work. I struggled with portions and snacking.

I’m elated to report that I’m 2 months into the program and I’ve lost 30 pounds so far and 22 inches! What has surprised me the most is how easy the program is to follow. I feel so much better, and I like what I see in the mirror!

For anyone that has tried a lot of diets that failed, the instant results on this program will make a believer out of you and it will give you the boost to keep following the program.

Amy L.

Lost 28lbs in 2 months!

Before the program I struggled with sugar addiction. I was borderline diabetic, overweight and I don’t like many veggies or fruits for that matter.

Two months into the program I’ve lost 28 pounds and I fit into my clothing better. It’s easier to bend over…tie my shoes, etc. It’s actually working and I’m doing it. I also feel like I am more healthy and I’m less self-conscious about how I look.

If you’re thinking that this program may be too hard for you to follow: If I can do it, you can do it!

Alicia O.

Lost 31lbs and got her confidence back!

Previously I struggled with losing more than 12 lbs, losing fat, and feeling hungry. I didn’t think that I could find a weight loss program that would allow me to enjoy eating out with friends and traveling.

What are my results from doing this program? The list is endless! I met my goal weight, I lost 31 pounds, I lost inches, I don’t feel hungry, my back and knees don’t hurt like they used to. I recently had my yearly physical, and my Doctor commented on how great everything looks. I am comfortable in my own skin and more confident than I have been in years!

What surprised me the most is how simple the program is to follow and the amount of weight that I lost. The West Texas Weight Loss program gave me my life back! My advice for anyone considering this program: Do it!

If you have to travel or want to eat out, the program is simple to follow and just takes some planning. Always check the restaurant menu and know what you are going to eat, take your veggies and/or fruit if you have to, it is worth it!

Kendrick D.

Lost 45lbs in 2 months!

I had poor eating habits when I began this program. I was worried that I wouldn’t get enough to eat and would be hungry all the time. I’ve lost 45 pounds in just over 2 months. I’ve lost inches and I feel more energetic. I feel more comfortable in my body. It was amazing how quickly my body got used to my new healthier lifestyle.

My advice: Trust the process. It may be challenging in the first week, but your body will get used to your new way of eating and you won’t feel hungry or have cravings for stuff anymore like you used to.

Lavonne P.

Lost 15lbs in 3 weeks and feels amazing!

My weakness before the program was sugary things like those darn Girl Scout Cookies. I was worried that I wouldn’t have the time necessary to do MRP. Well, it’s very simple and easy to follow. My results: I feel like a new person and I can get into my smaller pants! This is so easy and it takes no extra time out of your life. It is worth it!

Ron L.

Lost 45lbs and got his energy back!

I struggled with sugar cravings and I was worried that the Metabolic Rescue Program would be too hard for me to follow. I got a lot better after I figured out the food and how to prepare it. I’ve lost 45 lbs so far, and I’m still losing! I feel better and I’m surprised by how much energy I have now. For anyone that is worried that this program may be too hard for you to follow, go for it!

West Texas Weight Loss makes no claims that these results are representative of all participants in the weight loss program.

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